Our Greats

Our “Greats” have proudly worn the Green & Gold for Australia and navigated this road less travelled as an athlete, from emerging to elite. They hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and stories, with a desire to make an impact to support and inspire the next generation.

They stand with us as we embark on our mission to turn Green into Gold, sharing their journeys, inspiring our next gen to be the best they can be, on and off the field, and championing their Green & Gold dreams.

Through fundraising education and initiatives, financial assistance, and mentoring programs, we strive to expand the pool of emerging elite athletes who can pursue their sporting dreams. We aim to break down the significant barriers faced by many young athletes, especially those from remote, rural, and indigenous communities.

We’re committed to supporting our athletes’ financial wellbeing by ensuring that those with the talent, desire and determination to wear the Green & Gold are not disadvantaged by a lack of access to finances or resources.

Our Greats play a pivotal role in shaping the future, by championing our fundraising and advocacy as we head towards 2032. As a Great, there are many ways to lend your support, from attending golf days, mentoring, hosting a boardroom lunch, advocating to your network and much more.

If this is something that resonates, we’d love for you to register your interest to be part of the team.

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Nat Cook

Natalie Cook OLY

Beach Volleyball
Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser OLY

Curtis McGrath

Cutis McGrath PLY

Duncan Free

Duncan Free OLY

Andrew Trim

Andrew Trim OLY

Brad Hore

Brad Hore OLY

Bridie Kean

Bridie Kean PLY

Wheelchair Basketball
Naomi McCarthy

Naomi McCarthy (nee Castle) OLY

Water Polo
Dan Collins

Dan Collins OLY

Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins OLY

Water Polo
Chris Bond

Chris Bond PLY

Wheelchair Rugby
Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury OLY

Speed Skater
Duncan Armstrong

Duncan Armstrong OLY

Taliqua Clancy

Taliqua Clancy OLY

Beach Volleyball
Cedric Dubler

Cedric Dubler OLY

Kerri Pottharst

Kerri Pottharst OLY

Beach Volleyball
Drew Ginn

Drew Ginn OLY

Nick Green

Nick Green OLY

Gerrard Gosens

Gerrard Gosens PLY

Triathlon and Athletics
Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson OLY

Jess Smith

Jess Smith PLY

Renita Gerard

Renita Gerard OLY

Michael Dobbie-Bridges

Michael Dobbie-Bridges PLY

Wheelchair Tennis